TiMa rotary tiller machine

TiMa rotary tiller machine is machine intended for presowing soil preparation in form of tiling.

Purpose of the machine:

  • TiMa is machine intended for presowing soil preparation in form of tiling

Machine properties:

  • Fits machines with Cat 1, 3-Point hoop-up
  • Easy handling
  • Robust construction
  • Trusted functionality
  • High performance
  • Reduces costs
  • High level of personalisation
  • Spiral placed blades results with lesser requirement for power and finest tilling
  • 4 blades per flange (possibility for 6 blades per flange as additional option)
  • Adjustable working depth
  • Maximal working (tilling) depth of 18 cm
  • PTO shaft speed: 540 o/min
  • Shaft rotation speed: 238 o/min
  • Gearbox power – 48 kW
  • Power (driving) chain in oil bath



Working principle:

  1. This machine shreds, mixes and crumble soil, prepairing it for bed shaping, foil laying and/or planting operations.

Versions of the machine:

  1. Tima rotary tiller machine RT1500 – tiller machine that have working width of 1500 mm
Model Transport width Working width Demanded power Blades
(mm) (mm) (min. HP) (pcs)
RT1500 1860 1500 40 – 65 36

ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT (click on image to enlarge):

following addons are available as additional equipment items for this machine

Item name:

  • Foil laying system set

Product mark:

  • TR – ML

Item description:

  • Removable and adaptable foil carrier that can recieve foil
  • Built-in mechanism that prevents unwanted unrolling of the foil

Item name:

  • On ground irrigation (drip) hose laying set


Product mark:

  • ML – IS


Item description:

  • Allows laying up to 2 irrigation drip hose on ground
  • By using this set irrigation (drip) hose is placed between soil and foil that is being layed.

Item name:

  • Fertilizer attachment – Stainless steel hopper


Product mark:

  • BS – FRS


Item description:

  • Hopper is made of stainless steel.
  • Dispersing is propelled by electromotor.

Item name:

  • Punch wheel system


Product mark:

  • ML – PW


Item description:

  • Main purpose is to punch holes on the layed foil in which
    plans will be transplanted.
  • Zink coated/galvanized
  • Depending of customer needs, system can contain 1 wheel (punching holes in 1 row), 2 wheels (punching holes in 2 rows) or even 3 wheels (punching holes in 3 rows).


IMAGE GALLERY (click on image to enlarge):

this gallery contains only several possible options available for this machine

Rotary tiller TiMa, model RT1500

– model RT1500

Rotary tiller TiMa, model RT1500MLIS

– model RT1500 additionally equipped with foil laying system(ML) and on ground irrigation system laying set (IS)

Rotary tiller TiMa, model RT1500FRS

– model RT1500 additionally equipped with Fertilizer attachment – Stainless steel hopper (FRS) in action

VIDEO GALLERY (videos are connected with YouTube):

Promo video / Video display of machines in action:

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