To achieve highest possible levels of consistent quality of our products and services for the scope of design and manufacture of steel constructions, agricultural machinery and greenhouses we have implemented quality system compliant with leading standardised quality management systems. Creation of quality and quality upgrading processes takes place in every phase of production and service processes focusing quality policies to all activities and to the all of employees included in business processes. Parallel to the quality managing systems Agroservis proizvodnja ensures great deal of attention to ensure speed, responsivness and flexibility during implementation of customer demands and requests, constantly upgrading and improving features and characteristics of our products and services

Focal point of quality of our products and service, and of our aspiration and commitment to achieve that quality is positioned in our Quality policy document that manages relations of all of the included stakeholders in our enviroment.


Agroservis – proizvodnja d.o.o. company will, by maintaining established Quality policy, operate according the needs of customer, encourage Principles of leading, include all of included stakeholders, aim to systematicy, strive to constant and permanent improvement and development, tent to create partner relation and partnership enviroment with buyers and suppliers and strive to fulfill employees expectations to satsfy needs and expectations off all stakeholders.


Quality management system is based on requirements of EN ISO 9001:2015, and its compliantion is being maintaned in cooperation with internationally recognized and independent certification body. That allows compliation of implemented quality standard with quality implemented in company products. That also means that that level and that characteristics of quality is base level of quality in future business activity. Company and all of hers employees ensures quality of products and services on level that exceed the level of quality of products and services by our competitors. Quality management system implement and is responsibility of all employees at every moment in every action and task we undertake on a daily basis


Increasing export levels of products and services to EU countries requires adaptation of bussiness processes with internationally recognized standards and/or implementing other techniques of quality management. Example of that process is implementing the CE mark for product marking.