About us

Agroservis proizvodnja d.o.o. was founded in 1996. in Virovitica, Croatia. We have respectable production and storage space as well as diverse and universal machinery for cold working of metal. Our employees are experienced and highly qualified which results in a wide range of products the company is manufacturing.


One of our main business goals is accomplishing high productivity as well as a high level of quality of products and services to become recognized as a manufacturer with reasonable prices of high-quality products and services. Because of that we are constantly expanding on new markets and widening the range of products we are producing.

To give you an insight into our manufacturing capabilities these are our machinery park that is being used in production including completely equipped metal working production halls, turning/grinding production halls, spray booth, etc.

According to the results of market research, we developed the production of a wide range of agricultural machinery:

  • complete line of machinery for vegetables
  • line of machinery intended for sowing/seeding and harvesting of chamomile
  • line of machinery intended for harvesting hemp
  • line of soil treatment machinery
  • line of crust-breaking machines
  • complete line of machinery for cultivation
  • complete line of machinery for cultivation and drying of tobacco
  • steel constructions of greenhouse tunnels
  • other machines
  • municipal equipment
  • production of parts by sample
  • steel constructions
  • cutting, bending and welding services

Our team of engineers continuously widens the range of our products and we are prepared to urgently answer any custom works.

All of our machines are produced in Croatia, they are of Croatian and European origin and they comply with a wide range of sale and post-sale criteria and obligations that are we, as manufacturers (and also as sellers) willing and obligated to comply with.

If you have any business interest be free to contact us at www.agroservis-proizvodnja.eu, where you can see our products and send an inquiry, visit us in Virovitica or contact us via e-mail at agroservis.proizvodnja@vt.t-com.hr and agroservisproizvodnja.vt@gmail.com.




Forming partnerships