About us

Agroservis proizvodnja d.o.o. was founded in 1996. in Virovitica, Croatia. We have respectable production and storage space as well as diverse and universal machinery for cold working of metal. Our employees are experienced and highly qualified which results with wide range of product company is manufacturing.


One of our main bussines goals is accomplishing high productivity as well as high level of quality of products and services to become recognised as manufacturer with resonable prices of high quality products and services. Because of that we are constantly expanding on new markets and widening rande of products we are producing.

To give you an insight in our manufacturing capabilities these are some of our machinery that is being used in production: plasma cutter, guillotine shears (12mm x 4m, and 5mm x 2m), press brakes (65t x 2m, 120t x 3m and 200t x 4 m), eccentric presses (80t, 120t and 165t), machine rollers (Ø 280 x 2m i Ø 140 x 2m), pillar drills, mig-mag welding machines, milling machines, drilling machines, paint room with compressor station, sand blasting machines, etc.

According to results of market research we developed production of wide range of agricultural machinery:

  • complete line of machinery for cultivation and drying of tobacco
  • line of machines for vegetables
  • agricultural transporters
  • other machines
  • municipal equipment
  • production of parts by sample
  • steel constructions
  • cutting, bending and welding services

Our team of engineers continuosly widens range of our products and we are prepared to urgently answer to any of custom works.

If you have any business interest be free to contact us on www.agroservis-proizvodnja.eu, where you can see our products and send enquiry, visit us in Virovitica or contact us via e-mail agroservis.proizvodnja@vt.t-com.hr and agroservisproizvodnja.vt@gmail.com.