Mulch foil remover

MFR 1 machine is developed to help farmers to save their money and time


Purpose of machine

  • Mulch foil remover MFR is machine that lifts and gathers foil as well as drip irrigation system hoses.


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Machine properties

  • foil wrappinng and gathering speed regulated by manual hydraulic command control.
  • hydraulic separation of cones
  • simultaneously gathers foil as well as irrigation system hoses
  • operating with machine require only two workers
  • trusted functionality
  • simplicity of handling
  • high work performance

Working principle

  1. Cutting discs cuts soil releasing foil for easier removal.
  2. Foil lift plough digs foil up and lifts foil from the ground.
  3. Foil is wrapped around cones powered by hydraulic motor.
  4. Cones that are fully wrapped are easly emptied by separating two cones.

Machine variants

  1. MFR 1 – Mulch foil remover of 1 row of mulch foil

Model Type Number of rows Working width Min required power
    (mm) (KS)
MFR 1 carried 1 <1200 70 – 120


To our cusomers we can offer version of machine that can collect (remove) foil in 1 row



Display of removing foil with MFR 1 machine:


code mark name
GP 110901 MFR 1 Mulch foil lifter machine Pošalji upit