On foil transplanting machine

This transplanting machine presents newest technological sollution for transplanting all types of plants, bulbs even a seeds with remarcable results regarding work effects and vegetable quality and yield.

MODEL FTM 2 Purpose of machine

  • The On foil transplanting machine FTP can transplant on already mulched ground or on bare soil

Machine properties

  • this transplanting machine is versatile and so it is possible to transplant plant in soil blocks, modules, bulbs and seeds
  • possibility of transplanting on already laid foil
  • planting with the cups allows deep digging of young plants in the soil
  • high work performance
  • high degree of adaptability thanks to great number of possible adjustments:
    • adjusting the number of cups
    • adjusting the distance beewen plants in one row
    • adjusting distance beetwen two rows
    • adjusting the depth of work
    • adjusting the moment when cups will open
    • adjusting the pressure of plant presser wheel

Working principle

  1. The worker involved in transplantation climbs on the machine and fills the cups with plants
  2. The cup descends plant to the ground.
  3. The cup opens and puts plant in the soil.
  4. After plants are inserted into a ground, plant presser wheel ensure plant transplantation by pressing soil around plant.

Machine variants:

  1. FTM 1 – Transplanting machine with possibility of transplanting in 1 row

  2. FTM 2 – Transplanting machine with possibility of transplanting in 2 row

Model Type Number of rows Min distance between rows Min required power
    (mm) (kW)
FTM 1 carried 1 29
FTM 2 carried 2 400 50


Agroservis – proizvodnja d.o.o. to its valued customers currently can offer 2 different serial variants of the

On foil transplanting machine

Transplanting of paprika(pepper) FTM 2 machine:

Transplanting of watermellon with FTM 1 machine


code mark name
GP 110710 FTM1 On foil transplanting machine that plants in one row Send enquiry
GP 110720 FTM2 On foil transplanting machine that plants in two rows Send enquiry