Hemp harvesting head

Agroservis – proizvodnja company has developed this machine to simplyfile hemp flower harvesting process. Our developing team has constructed machine which has possibility to quickly attach or deattach on front tractor loader, reducing delays in overall tractor performances and as well eliminates need for additional agricultural machinery because this machine is easily connected on existing mechanisation farmer possesses. By that all additional costs, one of purchasing of new (specialised) equipment, are eliminated.


Purpose of machine

  • Facilitation and acceleration of hemp flower harvesting speed

Machine properties

  • quick and easy attachment on tractor
  • avoids complications of harvesting femp flower
  • compact dimensions
  • regulation of moving elements speed
  • complete harvesting process is being hydromotor propelled


Working principle

  1. Front cutter bar cuts top of the plant
  2. Side loading conveyor belt transports harvested hemp into collecting vehicle


Machine variants:

  1. HHH 3,5 – hemp harvesting header, cutting width 3,5 m



Propulsion Working speed Cutting width Harvesting height
  (km/h) (mm)


HHH 3,5


2 – 6 3500




Agroservis – proizvodnja d.o.o. to its valued customers currently can offer 1 different serial variants of the Hemp harvesting header machine


Promo video / Video of machine in action:


code mark name
130835 HHH 3,5 Hemp harvesting head working width 3,5 m Send enquiry